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Referrals and Pre-Authorization Requirements

Office Visits

Please be advised that any required insurance authorizations are the patient's responsibility. Please obtain them before calling to make your appointment at Spine Institute of New York, if possible.  They must be brought with you to your appointment or you may not be able to see the physician.


X-ray, MRI or CT-Scan Pre-Certifications

You must give our office at least 48 hours to obtain you pre-certification number. Once our office gets the pre-certification number, we will call you with that number and then you may schedule your appointment for your X-ray, MRI or CT-Scan. Medicare does not require any pre-certification.


Insurance Information

If you do not have the required insurance information at the time of your office visit, even if you have valid medical insurance, you will be asked to pay in full for your office visit if you wish to see the doctor. You will be reimbursed if you can later provide valid insurance information and/or referrals if necessary. If you do not wish to pay at that time, you always have the option to reschedule your visit.


Medicare, Workers' Compensation, No-Fault: The physicians of Spine Institute of New York accept these insurances, as long as complete and valid information is provided. Please contact the Spine Institute prior to making your appointment with any questions.  We will accept faxed authorizations.  Our phone number is 212-844-8680.


Co-payments and Deductibles: All office visit fees, if your medical insurance requires them, are due on the day of your appointment and must be collected at that time. Contact your insurance company to confirm if they are necessary and for the specific amount. Full office visit fees payable at the time of appointment are required for patients seeing physicians not in their medical plans and for patients without medical insurance unless arrangements have been made with the office manager prior to scheduling the appointment.



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